Loan officers


To complete your pre-qualification or refinance application, we may need the following:

  • Completed online loan application. Please use the "apply now" button to get started.
  • Color photo ID. If you are not a citizen, we need front and back of your green card OR passport with visas.
  • Last 2 paystubs. If you receive commission or bonus, we need end of year paystubs for the last 2 years
  • Yearly award letter/last 2 statements to show income from pensions, social security, disability or similar programs
  • Last 2 bank statements to show your assets available for downpayment and reserves. Most programs require anywhere from 2-12 months reserves (full principal, interest, insurance and tax payments)
  • Last 2 years' W2 forms, K1s
  • Last 2 years' filed tax returns. If you are a partner/owner of a corporation (more than 25% ownership) we will also need corporate tax returns.
  • If you own property, latest mortgage statement, property tax bill and insurance declarations page
  • Signed authorizations. Please contact me for these forms.

There's much more additional documentation that can be requested depending on your individual circumstances. We'll let you know what else will be needed to help make your purchase or refinance go smoothly.