HousingWire has named Summit Funding’s very own Executive Vice President of Sales, Robyn LaVassaur, a Woman of Influence in 2024. In a male-dominated field, this prestigious accolade highlights Robyn's extraordinary leadership, commitment, and influence within the mortgage industry.


A Leader with Vision


Robyn’s rise from a 19-year-old temporary receptionist to now the Executive Vice President of Sales at Summit Funding is truly inspiring. She believes that women can have it all, and her career proves it. Over the years, Robyn has mentored hundreds of women, guiding them to build multimillion-dollar careers and thriving personal lives. Her approach has not only driven Summit Funding forward but also inspired many in the industry.


Before her role as EVP of Sales, LaVassaur was Summit Funding’s top female producer, closing 682 units in her final year of production. Today, she leads a nationwide sales force of over 200 loan officers and inspires positive change through her volunteer work and podcast, The WILD Podcast. Robyn’s success shows that with the right mindset and support, women can reach incredible heights in any field; in this case, home loans.


Making a Difference


The Women of Influence Award by HousingWire honors those who make significant contributions to the housing economy and their communities. This recognition highlights Robyn’s hard work, perseverance, and positive impact. She leads with passion and connection, always putting people first. This has fostered a high-performance culture, with her branch closing almost $1 billion in production in 2022.


LaVassaur’s commitment to giving back shines through in her mentorship programs and volunteer work. In February 2023, she completed her first mission trip to Guatemala to serve at Casa De Mi Padre orphanage. This experience ignited a passion in her to help these children, and she continues to visit the orphanage, bringing colleagues, friends, and family to serve alongside her.


Inspiration for All


Robyn’s journey is a source of inspiration for all at Summit Funding. Her dedication to professional growth and commitment to the company’s mission sets a powerful example. Over the past ten years, LaVassaur has coached top producers nationwide, offering guidance and support to help them achieve their goals. Her recent launch of The WILD Podcast aims to inspire more women to pursue their dreams by providing practical advice, tactics, and systems for success. Her story encourages us to break through barriers and strive for excellence in everything we do.


Leading Us into the Future


We're excited about the future as we celebrate Robyn’s well-deserved recognition. Her leadership continues to create new opportunities and successes at Summit Funding. Join us in congratulating Robyn LaVassaur on being named a 2024 Woman of Influence by HousingWire. Her achievements inspire us all to strive for excellence and make a meaningful impact in the industry.

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