Top 5 Reasons to Come to Summit Funding Inc.

Summit funding was founded 20 years ago this spring. Since that spring day in 1995 at Sacramento, CA—Summit has developed into a Top 40 Mortgage Company and serves clients in over 20 states. Our mission is “To Change People’s Lives,” and we are looking for people who want to help us achieve this goal. If you think this sound like your dream job then read on and discover the top 5 reasons to come to Summit.

reaching the summitSail Your Way to the Top.

Summit’s effort is to ensure that our Loan Officers are maximizing their time. Most Loan Officers spend 60% or more of their time selling and building their pipeline. Utilizing the array of support Summit offers, the top 50% of our Loan Officers are on track to making $80,000 and our top 5% will be making $300,000 or more a year.

Put me in, Coach!

We believe that Experts need to work with Experts. The concept behind Summit’s coaching program is to make work simple and accountable. With record-breaking monthly loans closed and the growth of each of our Loan Officers, coaching has proved to be one of our most valuable resources.

Where mom and pop meets corporate

We pride ourselves on our concierge service and want to make every client feel like they are the most important person in our lives. As Summit grows, we still want our clients to feel that they are taken care of, which is why Summit has created built- in systems to keep that spirit alive.

Teamwork makes the Dream work

Summit’s team system is proven to help you to “work smarter, not harder.” If you’ve been a one-person operation, but are looking to grow, we will help you every step of the way with building up your loan team. With a loan team at your back, you’ll have more time for building relationships with realtors and clients and less time handling loan files at your desk.

Summit’s got your back

Personalized support ready to assist with all of your marketing needs and fuel your success. From advanced CRM applications to ad designs, we have you covered and are always just a phone call away.

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