What Sets Summit Funding Inc. Apart

Client Relationship Managers, Rate Tracker, and Marketing Support are just a few aspects of a mortgage company that we are all familiar with. So what are the differences between each company? The answer will vary depending on whom you ask, but if you ask me what is different about Summit, I would have to say the Team culture.

Most Loan Officers are used to working by themselves or maybe with one other person. At Summit Funding our top producers have teams that focus on every aspect of their business so they are free to do what they do best, sales. These team members can range anywhere from lead trackers and communication gatekeepers to team loan officers. The Summit’s philosophy is to not only to grow a loan officer’s pipeline, but to also help foster a business. We believe that our team system is what allows our loan officers to make more money. Because of this, Summit has an incentive program for our loan officers to help support their teams. The more you produce the more incentives and the more incentives the larger your teams are going to be. This allows you to produce even more.

So let’s recap. Teams are good, money is great, and at the end of the day, come join the Summit Funding Family.

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