Your Guide to Prepping Your House for Spring

Spring is nearly here! And depending on the weather you experienced over the course of winter, your home may or may not be ready to handle the change in season. As we transition seasons and it becomes warmer outside, it is a great idea to clean and repair any damages that may have happened to your home in the past few months. Here is Summit’s guide for home staging and fixing up your house just in time for spring.

Follow these tips when preparing to sell your home

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  1. Gutters: Investigate your gutters for any leaks. Make sure all parts of the gutter are securely attached to the house. Clean out leaves, twigs and other debris that may have built up.
  2. AC unit: As the weather gets warmer, you’ll be more inclined to turn on your air conditioning and you’ll want it in its best shape. Examine the filters, remove and clean or replace if necessary. If you have a central air unit, it is a great idea to have it checked out by a professional before you start running your system.
  3. Roof: The last thing you want during the rainy season is a leaky roof! Carefully examine your roof for damages that may have happened during the colder seasons. Call a professional if any repairs need to be made.
  4. Lawn Equipment: If you maintain your own backyard and lawn, it is a great idea to start all of your outdoor power equipment up again to ensure their efficiency. Plug in battery-powered equipment and fill up equipment that require gas.
  5. Carpet: Carpets take a heavy beating and should be cleaned twice a year. Spot clean darker spots with a special carpet cleaning product. For the entirety of the carpeted area, it is fairly inexpensive to rent a carpet cleaning device to do-it-yourself or hire an expert.
  6. Doormats: Winter dirt and debris have been building up in your doormat every time you wipe your feet. Replace your doormats to keep the built up dirt from being tracked inside your home and to keep your front door looking fresh for spring.
  7. Driveway and Sidewalks: Inspect all concrete for cracks or movement that may have occurred. Fill and seal these cracks when the weather permits.
  8. Smoke Detectors: To ensure your home prepared in the event of a fire, smoke detectors need to be checked every 6 months to ensure they are functioning properly. Run tests on every detector in your house to make sure the batteries still work.
  9. Outdoor Furniture: Clean off your outdoor furniture and check for any damages. After the general rainy season ends, arrange your furniture to your liking on your patio or deck to prepare for outdoor hangouts.
  10. Grill: Uncover your grill and heat it up to check if all units are firing evenly. Deep clean the grates with your choice of cleaning solution to remove any built up grime. Check if you have enough propane before your first barbeque.

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