9 Tips for a Stress-Free Move

Smiling young couple holding a carton in their new house

You’ve signed all the paperwork, the loan has closed on your new home, and now comes the packing and moving. Whether you’re moving into the next neighborhood over or across the country, moving can be a terribly stressful time, not only for you, but your family as well. Here are Summit’s tips to make your next move smooth and stress-free.

Donate, Donate, Donate

Moving is a great opportunity to reevaluate your inventory of possessions. Take some time before you start packing to go through your kitchen items, clothes, accessories and other household items and pick out items you no longer need. Drop off these items at your local thrift store; the more you donate, the less you will have to pack up and move with you to your new place. If you feel your items have value and want to sell them, hold a garage sale or post your items on Craigslist or eBay.

Box Logic

Pack your boxes strategically. Put heavier items in smaller boxes and lighter items in large boxes. Avoid unbalanced boxes by making sure there aren’t any empty spots in boxes, use clothing, towels, or newspaper to fill the gaps. For breakable items, wrap them up with towels, newspaper, bubble wrap, etc. Purchase a few wardrobe boxes, boxes with a wardrobe rack inside, for clothing you want to stay damage free. There are also boxes made especially for framed art work and mirrors to keep them safe during the move.

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Pack Smarter

Plan your packing schedule in advance. Start packing up a few boxes each day starting with the items you use the least and end with your everyday items. By the time your big moving day rolls around, there will be minimal packing and the focus can be on moving.

Label Accordingly

Make sure to have colored permanent markers on hand or have brightly colored label stickers for boxes. When packing up boxes, make sure to label the box on multiple sides so it will be easier to see the information when it’s all packed up. On the label, write what room the box is from and a brief description of what’s inside the box to make the unpacking process more organized and less painful.

Check Out the App Store

There are a number of smart phone apps you can download and use for strategic planning and moving. These apps have everything from moving checklists to item organizing systems. Take advantage of these moving-focused apps to organize your move straight from your phone.

Don’t Forget About Utilities

Once the date of your big move is set, call your utilities company and let them know the date you will need the switch from your old house to your new house. Also call your internet and cable company to have new services set up at your new home shortly after moving in.

Plan the First Night

Once you move all of your boxes into your new home, it will be chaotic and locating necessary items will be a challenge. Plan ahead and pack an overnight bag with personal essentials like, a change of clothes for the next day and toiletries.

Bring the Bare Necessities

Pack a clear tub of items you will first need in your house, like a box cutter, paper towels, trash bags, screwdriver, plastic utensils and paper plates, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, hand soap, etc. The plastic tub will allow you easily find the items post-move.

Update Your Address

Give yourself at least two weeks to submit a change of address with the post office. Don’t forget to change the address with your bank, any credit cards, magazine subscriptions, and any online shopping companies you frequently use.

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