5 Quick Tips for House Hunting

Finding your dream home may sound easier than it actually is. There are so many beautiful houses out there for sale, where is a new buyer to begin? Optimize your house hunting experience and find the perfect home with these quick tips.


  1. Talk numbers. As your real estate agent will suggest, it is highly recommended that you talk to a loan officer before you begin your search. They will run your credit history and review your employment and finances to see how much you qualify to borrow. Once you’re prequalified, you will be able to narrow your search to only homes that fit your budget. Get started with a Summit Funding loan officer here.bigstock-Parents-With-Baby-Working-In-O-73038874-min
  2. Make a wish list. Before you start your hunt, make a list of things you feel your new home should absolutely Think about square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, backyard size, style of home, kitchen size, etc. Then come up with a list of things you would like to have in your new home. Think about fireplaces, closet types, window styles, appliances color or style, and other features. These lists will serve as good references on your hunt and narrowing down your options.
  3. Stay organized. When viewing a new home, there will be so many things to look at all at once. It may be overwhelming and you may forget the house’s features when you leave. While on a walk-through of the home, take lots of pictures to document. When you’re done viewing the home, jot down notes of your first impressions, note the things you really liked and things you didn’t. That way when you’re thinking back about the house, you will have your own research to rely on.
  4. Find the right location. When it comes to house hunting, location is everything. An easy way to narrow down your search is to identify neighborhoods and areas of the town you would love to live in. Think about the area of school districts, what your commute to work will be like, location of stores, your gym and other places you frequently visit and if there is an HOA (homeowner association).
  5. Take a second look. If you think you’ve found a home that’s a top contender, nothing beats taking a second look. Schedule a second viewing to go back and carefully look at the little things you may have overlooked during your first visit.