You Need To Do These 8 Things to Get Your Home Ready to Sell


Fortunately for sellers, homes are in high demand these days and tend to go off the market as quickly as they went on. But how can you guarantee your home will sell, and sell fast? One of the major factors contributing to your homes sell-ability is its presentation. If you’re home isn’t looking its best, buyers will be less likely to consider making your home their own. Follow these 8 tips and your home will be ready to sell!


  1. Depersonalize and declutter. Buyers want to envision themselves living in your house when they view it. To help them do this, you will need to depersonalize your home, especially if you have unique or eclectic home décor tastes or keep portraits of every single family member hanging on your walls. Also make sure to remove and hide all clutter lingering around your home.
  2. Check the curb appeal. The outside appearance of your home is very important as it will make or break a buyer’s first impression. Buyers start judging the minute they pull up to your home. If they immediately find flaws, chances are that’s all they will focus on for the rest of the viewing appointment. Avoid this problem by sprucing up your home’s curb appeal. Quick fixes can include a new doormat, a fresh coat of paint for the front door, new lighting fixtures or new house numbers.
  3. Bring in the light. Maximize the light in your home by taking down drapes, cleaning the windows, adding in new light bulbs, and adding natural light however possible.
  4. Hide your pets. Erasing the evidence that you own pets will help your home sell faster. Put away your animal’s food and water bowls and hide their toys. Not every buyer likes dogs or cats, and they may even be allergic to them!
  5. Add some fragrance. Keep your home smelling fresh for every viewing appointment by plugging in wall outlet scents or putting a few essential oil diffusers around your home. Make sure to pick neutral and not overly powerful scents.
  6. Clean inside and out. To get your home looking its best, you’ll need to pull out the cleaning supplies. Clean every room of your home, top to bottom. Then, clean the entire exterior of your home. Nothing turns off buyers more than a dirty home.
  7. Focus on the details. Inspect every room in your home to find out what needs updating. Repainting the trim, swapping out old light switch and outlet plates, and updating door handles and cabinet knobs are all small fixes that can make a big difference to buyers and add to the overall appearance of your home.
  8. Get some help. If you’re not ready to take on all these projects on your own, hire some help! Find a cleaning service to do the initial clean and come bimonthly. Hire a home stager to get their professional expertise. Even hire someone to tackle cleaning your windows and the exterior of your home.