How to Transform Your House into A Home

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Anyone can live in a house, but what makes your headquarters a home? A home is a safe place, a sanctuary, an escape from the outside world. It’s a place to share and reflect you and your family’s story. Taking your space from house to home involves focusing on you. Elevating your house to a home requires that you create a space the you enjoy being in and that makes you happy. Follow these tips to make your home your favorite place to be.

Horizontal view of modern and cozy interior
Horizontal view of modern and cozy interior
  • Lighting: A house’s standard lighting fixtures are typically lacking when it comes to creating the perfect ambiance. Bring in a new lamp for additional softer, warmer light or remove heavy curtains to let in more natural lighting. Play with strategic lighting in your home to make it to feel more cozy and create a homier feel.
  • Think Twice About Trends: Add trendy pieces into your home only if they align with what you like and want to see in your home. Otherwise it can be a good idea to say pass to trendy décor because you may feel differently about the pieces in a few months when new trends come up.
  • Organize: A decluttered house will add to your relaxation when you spend time in your space. Invest time to organize your things; choose which items are going to be on display and which items are going to be stowed away with various storage solutions.
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  • Paint: This may seem like a no-brainer, but paint some of your favorite colors on different walls to really change the atmosphere of a room. Add a splash of color to any room to personalize your home to your style.
  • Add Art: The best part is, art is subjective and anything can qualify as art! Add any piece that has meaning that you feel that fits in your space. Select pieces that evoke certain emotions, highlight certain colors, or are special to you to add to the uniqueness of your home.