Top Reasons to Sell Your Home During the Holidays

Putting your home on the market on the holidays may sound like the biggest headache during an already stressful time of the year, but don’t be so quick to rule it out! Despite the chaos that comes with this time of year, selling your home during the holidays may be possibly one of the best times. Here are a few reasons to list your home during the holiday season.

  • There is a high demand for houses during this time as there is limited inventory during this time. Less competition means you will be more likely to get your asking price or very close to it.
  • Your house will show better with holiday decorations inside and out. Very few home buyers are deterred by these decorations and can often help them picture themselves living in your home during the holiday season. Make sure your decorations aren’t too elaborate and over the top or they’ll distract home buyers.
  • Although you’ll receive less foot traffic during the holidays due to weather conditions, your home’s listing will receive more internet traffic. Home buyers who come to view your home will be more serious with their decision making because they will have ruled other options out.
  • In the spring, housing inventory will dramatically increase and listing prices will decrease, allowing you to sell high and buy low.
  • Casual home shoppers will exit the market during the holidays and return during the spring when they have more time and the weather is better. Serious home buyers will continue to shop during the holidays because they are more motivated to find their dream home.