When Was Your Last Mortgage Check-Up?

We all know, the only constant in life is change. Over the course of a year, you and your family can experience some major life changes. Having a baby, getting a new job, or retiring are all big milestones in our lives. If you’re a homeowner that has experienced some big milestones, it may be time to go see your loan officer for a mortgage check-up.

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Just like we go regularly to see a doctor, it is necessary to get a mortgage check-up. Going to see your loan officer is a great way to reassess and reevaluate your home loan situation. Through this visit, you can find out if your loan program is still the best fit for you or if an adjustment is needed. Your Summit Funding loan officer can help you compare your current situation to other possibilities, which could result in saving you money!


Here are some common circumstances that would indicate a mortgage review could be worth your time:

  • A job or career change
  • A new child
  • A current or soon-to-be empty nest
  • Marriage or divorce
  • Financial gain or loss
  • Retirement
  • New or retired debt
  • Planned home improvements
  • Paying college tuition or other major purchase
  • Rising monthly mortgage payments

If a mortgage check-up seems beneficial to you, contact your Summit Funding loan officer today!