Is It Time to Find a New Home?


A lot of life can happen in your home; people change and families evolve. And as much as you love your home and the memories you have made there, there are some tell-tale signs it’s time find to a new house for you and your family. Once you have gone through a few major milestones in your life, get brutally honest with yourself and ask, does my home still satisfy all of my needs? If the answer is no or if you’re unsure, it could be time to get real about moving. Moving up or downsizing to a new home will allow you to find a place that perfectly fits your current situation.


Signs it’s time to consider buying a BIGGER home:

  • Your current home is too small and doesn’t accommodate your needs
  • You are planning on starting a family or having another child
  • A family member is going to move in with you
  • You want a larger yard for a pool or garden
  • You need more storage space or a bigger garage
  • You want a newer, more modern home
  • You have pets that need more space
  • You are unable to renovate your current home
  • You’ve received a promotion or inheritance
  • You’ve built up equity


Signs it’s time to consider moving into a SMALLER home:

  • Your current home is too big
  • All of your kids have moved out, or soon to be moved out
  • You want to move from a two-story home to a one-story home
  • You want to spend less time or money on home and yard maintenance
  • You are experiencing a lifestyle change, such as a divorce or retirement
  • You want to save money or experience more financial freedom
  • You want to downsize your belongings and need less space
  • You want to simplify your life
  • The sale of your current home can make you money