Make Every Day Earth Day with an EEM

Let’s be real, we should live every day as if it was Earth Day. Reducing our carbon footprint and our impact on our mother planet should be a priority on everyone’s to-do list. But, helping save the planet is not an easy task, where do you start?

It all starts at home! Making conscious green decisions for you and your family can help significantly reduce your personal impact. Learning new ways to implement green choices into your life is an improvement each family can make. Some easy changes include: reducing the amount of trash you create and throw away, introducing recycling into your routine, going paperless with all bills, skipping over plastic and using options like aluminum or glass, and being a conscious consumer by buying goods made from sustainable products.

Another way to transform your home is to look into an Energy Efficient Mortgage, or EEM, available through FHA. This loan program allows qualified buyers to finance up to 100% of the cost of eligible energy efficient improvements. Whether you are looking to buy a home or you are already a homeowner, you can make a green choice with this green mortgage.

For those looking to purchase a home, an EEM can allow you to increase your buying power in the market by qualifying for a bigger mortgage to purchase an energy efficient home. Buying this type of home allows you to save money the day you move in and increases your potential resale value in the future.

For current homeowners, an EEM is a great way to upgrade your home, save money AND reduce your carbon footprint. This green mortgage can pay for improvements such as new dual pane windows, a new HVAC unit with air ducts, insulation, weatherizing, energy efficient heating and cooling systems, fixing or replacing a chimney, installing active and passive solar technologies, and other upgrades.

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