4 Tips to Pet Proof Your New Home

A new home can be a wonderful upgrade for any family. However, this may come with more issues than you thought. Bringing pets into a different environment can become a headache very fast. Here are some tips to help with a smooth transition for you and your four-legged friends.

1. Keep everything out of reach.  Just like a baby, pets don’t understand what could be dangerous. Proactively remove dangerous items from your pets reach. Things like chemicals, toxic foods, electrical cords and sharp items can be lethal to your pet. Don’t risk leaving these things anywhere the most creative pet could find them.

  1. Spend quality time with them. Just like people, dogs become anxious. This can lead to them acting out in a variety of ways. Spending decent quality time with your pet will help decrease these behaviors and prevent you from coming home to shredded shoes.
  2. Keep paws clean and nails trimmed. New furniture and flooring is an ideal way to help transform your house into the cozy home you want. However, paws can pose a serious threat to the wonderful new wood floors. Long nails can lead to scratching of doors, floors or even cabinets. Dirty paws can leave stains on couches, carpet and blankets. Trimming nails and cleaning paws will help maintain the inside of your home.
  3. Escape Routes. A new home can be frightening for your four-legged friend and can lead to them trying to run away. Prevent this by closing all doors and fixing any holes along your fencing. Even the smallest gap can give your pet a chance to dig their way out.