8 Tips to Get Settled into Your New Home

After a big move, your first instinct may be to start tackling the giant stacks of boxes that cover your new home. And while unpacking still tops the list, there are a few other less obvious things you will need to do before you can completely settle into your home.

  1. Get registered. This includes registering your vehicle, getting a new license/license plate, registering your kids at their new school and updating your voter’s registration. These items are crucial to put at the top of your to-do list after your big move.
  2. Transfer utilities and services. If you haven’t already done this in advance, set up services for electricity, water, gas, cable and internet at your new place. If you had any home services at your old home, yard maintenance or housekeepers, give them a call to let them know of your move and if they can accommodate in your new neighborhood.
  3. Ensure your safety. One of the crucial first steps after moving into a new home is to have all of the locks changed. Don’t forget to update any security codes or garage codes that may still have the previous homeowner’s codes. This is also a great time to swap out batteries in fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.
  4. Change your address. Make a list of bills you pay each month or things you are subscribed to. Then go down the list and log in to each account to make sure each has your new, updated address.
  5. Check your boxes. Examine all of your boxes to check that they all arrived safely and unharmed. Take notes of any damages and let your moving company know right away.
  6. Say Hi. It’s always great to be on good terms, or even good friends, with your neighbors. Make the first move by introducing yourself and your family to your surrounding neighbors. If you’re new to the area, ask about their favorite local restaurants, coffee shops, or grocery stores.
  7. Get familiar. Whether you have moved one town over, one state over, or across the country, it is important to get familiar with the area. Take a drive around your new town, learn where the nearest gas station, grocery store, and freeway entrance is located. For those feeling more adventurous, drive around until you get lost and learn a new way to get home!
  8. Unpack and relax. Finally, work on unpacking that daunting pile of boxes. Start with the rooms you use the most – kitchen, master bedroom and bathrooms. Give yourself plenty of breaks to relax, as you know, moving is tough, stressful work!