The Difference Between a House and a Home

Here at Summit, we are known as the home loan experts. Aside from being a catchy tagline, it also highlights our personalized experience when servicing your mortgage. We specialize in helping you into a home, not just a house. This is because there is a distinct difference between a house and a home.

Here are a few of those differences.

  1.  The Unload Zone:Keys, mail, toys and a purse piled upon a table close to the doorway.
    Sound familiar? Every person has a different name for it but when you see it, you know it.
  2. The mass amounts of DVD’s, CD’s and Books.
    Although we spend 90% of our time streaming shows or scrolling through social media, we all have a collection of movies and books.  We may never use them, but they give our home personality.
  3. Pet hair.
    It clings to literally everything but it comes from our furry best friends.
  4. The Smell
    You can’t define it, or figure out why… but every single person’s home has a different smell.
  5. The Shloset.
    Similar to The Unload Zone, the shloset is closest to the doorway. It can range from a closet to a (neat) trail of shoes from the door.