Fall Home Tour

We know, we know, we are jumping the gun with this season switch to Fall, but Summer is coming to an end soon and we want your home to be prepared too! So, it is almost time to put away the backyard patio cushions and pull out the knitted blankets. Check out these fun decoration ideas and tips to spruce your house up for fall!


  1. Colder weather means a warmer home is necessary. In that case, purchasing fall scented candles is a must. Not only for the ambiance, but also for the scent. You can’t go wrong with Bath and Body Works candles, but if you are looking on the cheaper side, check out TJ-Maxx or Homegoods!

2)  Tired of the orange and black theme? Pumpkins fit the season, but there are no rules to what color they have to be. Gold is often a classy color that makes homes feel put together and clean. Try gluing on gold/silver sparkles or even painting them white.

3) Target is not only good for the yearly school supply run, their fall decorations and pillows are trendy and a must see! When going on your fall decor shopping adventure, try to add browns or reds to your home for a warmer and more inviting feel.  



Whether you are a Halloween fan or not, there is always a way to make your home look inviting rather than spooky! Have other tips and tricks? Comment below and share your ideas!