Protecting Yourself Online

We use locks to keep our homes safe but what are you doing to protect your online data?
The majority of our activity is completely online. This means that thieves have figured out the best way to scam you is online. Although it is impossible to completely avoid online theft here are some ways to make it harder to become victim to cyber-crime.

Strong Passwords
Make sure you utilize strong and complex passwords. Including numbers, capitals and even special characters is a good way to make strong passwords. Try to avoid things that include information that you have displayed online.

Online Presence
You would be surprised by what people can find online. Including personal information or things you wouldn’t want everyone to see is a good way to get yourself in trouble. The rule of thumb is that if you wouldn’t want your boss or a thief to see it, don’t post it.

Personal Information
Be extremely careful about giving out personal information over the phone or online. Make sure you recognize phone numbers and emails because although it may seem convincing, you could be giving out information to a scammer.

Watch Accounts Thoroughly
Another way to catch identity theft in the act is to watch your accounts. Often times scammers will make multiple smaller transactions with credit/debit accounts in order to avoid tripping anti-theft systems set up by your bank. If you see a purchase that you don’t recognize call your bank immediately.

Links Are Not Your friend
Avoid clicking on links, especially ones that you don’t recognize. Often times scammers will use shortened links, ones that look similar to recognized pages or even pictures to have you fall for their traps. A good way to be safe is to always use someone’s home page and navigate to where you are being directed to click.


Although you might take every precaution possible, you can still fall prey to online criminals. If you feel like you have interacted with something illegitimate, you can file a report with the Internet Crime Complaint Center here.