Defining Your Personal Best

You’re scrolling through your phone and looking at everybody “achieving” their New Year’s Resolutions and you may be wondering, why is it that you’re two months into 2018 and you haven’t accomplished anything similar? Why haven’t you doubled your income or lost that weight? This is because you aren’t working towards your personal best! In order to achieve your personal best, you must define what “your” personal best really is.

The first step of defining your personal best is to stop comparing yourself to others. Every person has a different starting point in life and just because you aren’t a professional athlete does not mean you aren’t capable of achieving incredible things.  You have to set realistic goals and work on them.

The second step of defining your personal best is to find goals that align with your overall purpose. Although working a 50 hour work week may make you more money, it might not align with your goal of spending quality time with your family. This disconnect of goals and purpose ensures that you are working against yourself.

The final step of defining your personal best is to surrender to the process. You will not achieve your goals overnight and that is okay. There will be days where you feel defeated and days in which you triumph, but what is most important is that every day you do a little better than you did the day before.

With these steps in mind, you will be able to define what goals are truly important to you. This is important because until you define your personal best, you will never be able to achieve it.

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