Benefits of Gardening – Springtime is Imminent!

With springtime coming up (only 14 days until spring… where did the time go?!), now is the time to start a checklist of all the landscape/garden tasks that will spruce your home up for the warmer weather. Hopefully soon you can come out of your warm, cozy home that you’ve been hibernating in and take advantage of the sunlight and start preparing for the warmth! Doing tasks outside in the sun not only gets you your dose of Vitamin D, but there are many positive factors that take affect when you’re getting all those chores done. This includes:

1. Vitamin D Intake – Positive effects from sunlight! Just be careful not to get too much to where it burns you. Stay hydrated and be aware of heat exhaustion!

2. Getting Dirty – Taking a healthy break from our busy lives to connect with our primal state. There’s just something about being outside and away from technology that eases the soul.

3. Improved Mood – When you step into our primal state, even if you are doing a chore and not out doing something social with friends (you could even make gardening a social event – invite a friend or two over, drink a margarita and get some work done, then do the same for that friend!), we are easing anxiety while being in a stress-free environment. Doing garden work not only gets the chores done, but boosts your health!

4. Physical Activity – Yes, gardening or landscaping does require your blood to start moving! Whether you’re getting a ladder to climb up a tree to cut some branches, kneeling when pruning some plants/flowers or raking up some leaves or dead brush, this exerts some energy and stretching that may or may not challenge you. Although this won’t be a significant source of exercise, it is still something!

5. Nutrition – This is only if you are planting herbs, fruits or vegetables in your garden. There is nothing healthier than fresh food straight from the ground! Not to mention there have been several studies done that show that gardeners eat more vegetables and fruits than those who do not grow a fresh supply in their yard… The instant access is healthier and cheaper!

There are many other positive outcomes from doing garden or landscape work, but these are some of my favorite. I have first-hand experience of the above outcomes and I highly recommend finding some chores outside to ease your mind. Writing this article makes me want to be outside doing garden work! It is one of the more rewarding chores to do that provides great outcomes for your mind, your health and your house! Not to mention your home will increase in value when you take care of and improve your garden and landscaping.


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