1440 is the Magic Number to Success

As professionals, we are always looking for the new cutting-edge way of making our business that much better. We are constantly looking at our competition and seeing what they are doing and how we can do it better. What if I told you that everything that you need is already at your disposal? The best part is that everyone has it, but only a few take advantage of it.

One of Summit’s top producing Loan Officer once asked me to look around the room. He said, every one of these people comes from a different background and have a different story including him and I. He then asked me if I knew what we all had in common. The answer was that every one of us has 1440 minutes in a day. He went on to say that it takes someone with discipline and good time management skills to get ahead. That is the difference between someone trying to be successful and someone who is successful.

What we lack in talent we make up in perseverance and passion.

Not all of us are born with talent, but we can all achieve success by making right decisions and being disciplined about it. Here are some tactics on how Summit top producers achieve their personal best every year.

The Money Maker: Start your day with prioritizing items that are really going to make a difference in your business. These items will make your life easier and ultimately make you more money.

Be Consistent: Time blocking is a strategy that only works if you are consistent. It is helpful to have a printed copy of your day in front of you, so it is harder to deviate from your schedule.

Know Your Business: It is important to have a digital footprint nowadays, but nothing is more effective, then relationship building face-to-face. Make sure you block off times in your day where you are networking and building new referral sources.

Greatness Tracker: Accountability will help you keep track of where you are falling behind. Most Summit’s top producers use a simple greatness tracker.

Everyone has 1440 minutes, it is what we do with it that will determine if we are to become successful or get left behind.

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