Moving With Children


A move can be one of the most exciting times for a family. You may have moved cities, received a promotion, become more financially successful or even expanded your family. However, this does not always mean everybody is on-board. Often times, children can find moving frightening, or irritating. In order to smooth the transition, you must understand why it happens.

Although you may have lived in this home only a small portion of your life, this time can feel much longer to a child. Their home can feel like their entire world. The idea of moving can threaten the security that familiarity brings. They have spent a majority of their life building their world around a certain school, neighborhood, stores, and friend group. Changing this can be devastating. It will take time for them to adjust to new surroundings.

It is important to spend time before the move to have an honest, but positive, conversation with your kids. Make sure to cover the reasons why moving is a good thing and allow them to ask questions. They need to feel comfortable telling you why they are scared so that you can help them cope, before the move.

Here are a couple of potential problems that your children may bring up and possible solutions:

Problem: They will miss their friends.
Solution: Be prepared to drive them to spend time with their old friends. If the move is a significant distance, throw them a going away party.

Problem: They will be bored in a new town.  Solution: Before the move, look for activities to do (Sports, Fun Activities, Malls)

Problem: They will miss their old room.
Solution: Let them decorate their new room. Take them to the store and let them select new paint swatches. Make your children part of buying new home décor.

Problem: They will miss certain features of the old house.
Solution: Ask them what they enjoy the most about the old house and find a way to do that in the new house.

Problem: They are worried about losing personal items during the move.
Solution: Make your children’s items a priority. Offer to replace older items to make up for things that may not be making the move.

Problem: They won’t have friends at the new place.
Solution: Find ways for them to make friends (neighborhood parties or after school activities)

Although a move may not be easy, it is possible and here at Summit, we have your back.
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