Yes, You Can Be Your Dog’s Hero!


How many of you love dogs as much as we do here at Summit Funding?

Have you ever caught yourself thinking or talking about how much more you love dogs than humans?

I know I am personally guilty of the latter.

There’s nothing quite like the love of a dog! They love you unconditionally, greet you with lots of slobbery, straight-from-the-heart kisses, and they want nothing from you except all the love and attention that you have to offer. (Plus maybe a few treats. And by few I mean they want ALL your treats!)

Whether you’re a current pet owner or you are looking forward to the day when you can have your own pet, having the space to keep them is crucial. Although your puppers will still love you to the ends of the earth if you provide them with limited space, they would much rather prefer an area that allows them to run around and not be cooped up all day long.

After all, we want what’s best for the ones we love in our lives. Our dogs love us unconditionally ALL the time, so why wouldn’t we want to give them what they want?

All they really want is:

  • Love (attention)
  • Food
  • Playtime (exercise)

Now if only those three things were the only things us humans desired… Then we would be a much happier planet!

When it comes down to it, we want our homes to be filled with love and freedom to do what we want. Our dogs play a huge role in the love part and owning a home allows us to give ourselves and our pups the freedom we deserve.

As a 26 year-old dog lover, I personally know how difficult it is to find a place to rent that allows dogs (let alone pitbulls — I have a sweet spot for these big, cuddly teddy bears). If I wasn’t splitting my time and money between a full-time job and taking classes, I would DEFINITELY be looking into buying myself a home where I can have however many dogs I want! And no breed restrictions!

Moral of the story – if you love animals as much as I do, STOP RENTING! There’s bound to be something out there that you can afford and make your own. You can fill your future home with love, freedom and little paws running around your hardwood floor.

There’s nothing like the love of a dog!

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Home is for everyone!