6 Cheap Summer Activities


Summer is upon us and that means if you have kids, you’ve probably heard the phrase “I’m bored” at least hundreds of times. This can be difficult because summer activities can get pricey. If so, here are six different ideas to help entertain your kids on a budget:

Camp Outside: Setting up camp in your backyard is a great way to excite your kids about the “Great Outdoors” without all of the bugs and congested camping grounds.

Picnic: With a couple of blankets, some paper plates and sandwiches, a backyard picnic is the perfect summer activity.

Build A Garden: If your garden needs some extra love this summer, have your kids help you. They will feel important and you can cross an item off of your summer to do list.


Obstacle Course: Do you have kids that never tire? An obstacle course is perfect for your kids to have loads of fun while getting some exercise.

Rock Painting: Painting rocks can be a fun way to keep your kids entertained this summer. With a few containers of paint and all the rocks they can find, they will be smiling from ear to ear.

Backyard Art Gallery: Do you have budding little creatives? Have your kids create a few pieces and invite all of your family over for a personal backyard showing.

Summer is the perfect season to create lasting memories. If you or anybody you know needs help becoming a homeowner, click here to get started!