Get a Handle on Your Clutter! Organization Tips for Every Room of the House

Once clutter starts, it can slowly take over your home, creeping into every room. Put a stop to the spreading mess by getting organized! Although a complete home organization may seem like an intimidating project, focusing on one room at a time will help you turn the task into a clutter molehill, not a clutter mountain.

As you work on each room, pick up each item and decide if you still need it. If not, donate or sell it. If you do, keep it and organize it away. This method will help you downsize and keep your clutter from coming back!

Here are some organization ideas for each room of your home.


  • Add in decorative baskets to store extra pillows and blankets.
  • Multifunctional furniture is key! Look for a coffee table or side tables with additional drawers and shelves or an ottoman that doubles as storage.
  • Purchase colorful or cute storage boxes or bins for CDs, DVDs, art supplies, photos, anything that need a place to live.
  • Need some cord control? Get cord clips to streamline the mess.


  • Hang up pots and pans to eliminate a chaotic cabinet.
  • Purchase a spice rack to clear up space in a crowded drawer.
  • Drawer organizers are a necessity in this room. Each major drawer should utilize these, especially the dreaded junk drawer!
  • Store small appliances in your cabinets, not on your counters. Keep those used most frequently in an easy to reach spot.
  • Hang up shelving or add hooks for additional storage areas.


  • Take advantage of unused space underneath the bed. Purchase plastic tubs or bins that are flat and long, ideal for organizing under the bed. Store opposite season clothing in these bins when they are not being used. This will also free up some room in your closet!
  • Amp up your dresser’s organization by using drawer dividers.
  • Consider a new option for folding, rolling clothes or arranging vertically, to allow for more room.
  • Opt for nightstands with more shelves or drawers to allow for more storage space.


  • Forget bulky plastic and wood hangers! Get thin, felt hangers to allow for more hanging space.
  • Use hanger clips on your felt hangers to double or triple up on hanging clothes.
  • Look for hanging organizers to use in your closet. These can be great for belts, jewelry, scarfs and more.
  • Take advantage of the space behind the door for over-the-door hooks or shoe organizer.
  • If your dresser is bursting with clothes, consider using a shelving unit in your closet. Use fabric bins or baskets to organize clothes that have no place in the dresser.


  • Maximize negative spaces in the bathroom, like over the toilet and around the shower and sink.
  • Tiered carts and shelfs are ideal for a bathroom space w
    ithout a lot of cabinets. Put items that you want on display on these carts/shelfs – a candle, lotion, extra toilet paper, etc.
  • Over-the-door hooks will keep all towels off the floor.
  • Large clear jars will help eliminate the packaging of some items and are pretty enough to be displayed on the counter. Use these for cotton balls, q-tips, etc.
  • Clear, acrylic shelving and drawers are not only trendy and cute, but super useful and work perfect organizing your makeup collection.


  • Organize messy cords from your computer by using cord clips that attach to the underside of your desk.
  • More drawer organizers will work perfectly in this room. In larger drawer use color-coordinated filing folders to tackle a pile of scattered papers.


  • Make your laundry process easier and more organized. Purchase a three bin laundry basket so your lights, darks, and delicates are already sorted when it’s laundry time.
  • Hide the look of shelves full of cleaning products and linens by hanging up a curtain in front of it.
Clean suburban two car garage interior with tools, file cabinets and sports equipment.


  • If your garage lacks storage, invest in some floor to ceiling shelving units to line the walls of your garage. If the space is too crowded for shelves, consider hanging shelves from the ceiling. Always measure your space first to find the option that best fits.
  • Large clear bins will be your best friend in the garage. You will be able to see inside the bins without having to open each one and dig around. Label each box for optimal organization.
  • Adding in hooks will allow you to get things off the floor. Tools, bicycles, hoses, camping chairs can all be hung up.