Signs It May Be Time To Buy A Bigger Home

As property values steadily increase, more homeowners are realizing what a great time it is to sell their current place!

Deciding to sell your home can be a big, but sometimes necessary, decision. Many homeowners looking to buy can be categorized as a ‘move-up buyer’ because they are looking to upgrade to a bigger space. This is common when a homeowner’s home no longer fits their needs, whatever these may be.

Here are seven tell-tale signs it is time to start house hunting for a larger home.

  1. Your current home is too small and doesn’t accommodate your needs. Feeling that you have outgrown your current home, especially if your current home was your starter/first home, is a common reason to begin your upsizing journey.
  2. You are planning on starting a family or having another child. A growing family needs a home with more bedrooms, larger living room, or just generally more space.
  3. An extended family member is going to move in with you. If you are planning on having a family member live with you in your home, a house with more bedrooms or a separate in-law unit is ideal.
  4. You want a larger yard for a pool, outdoor kitchen or garden. A large outdoor space is an important factor for many families who want to build a new addition like a pool or outdoor kitchen/living area or transform the space into a backyard oasis with a garden or through extensive landscaping.
  5. You need more storage space. If your home has limited storage space or you are renting an external storage unit because everything you own doesn’t fit into your home, a bigger home can provide you with the amount of storage you want.
  6. You want a newer, more modern home. If you live in an older home or have outgrown your home’s current style, but don’t want to deal with renovation pains, it is time to move up to a newly built or more stylized home that better fits your tastes.
  7. You have pets that need more space to run and play. If you are a dog, cat, or other pet parent, you typically put your pet’s needs first. A home that better accommodates your animal friend(s) with a larger backyard or extra acres of land, allows them to live their best life!