Top 3 Homebuying Fears

As home prices increase, mortgage rates fluctuate, and competition between buyers remains fierce, many first-time homebuyers have become skittish to even consider homeownership.  Even when prices, rates, and competition have favored buyers, many still have reservations. Standard concerns, such as fear of revealing your credit score, scared the process will be too complicated, or anxiety over not knowing what to expect, have caused many to write off ever owning a home.

While experienced loan officers and lenders are well-versed in easing the traditional worries that nearly all first-time homebuyers possess, it takes more than some program knowledge in order to combat the genuine anxiety and defeated feeling many have in the current market. When competition over fewer affordable homes has become the norm, it requires transparency and a more personal touch.

Summit Funding loan officers understand this need.  They are well-informed on all ways to get you into your first home, despite a competitive climate and higher prices. Summit Funding loan officers and their team of professionals work with you every step of the way, through every fear, every obstacle, until your dreams of homeownership have become your reality.

Here’s how:

Fear #1: Revealing Your Credit History: Will the Lender Judge Me?

The initial anxiety to check your credit is real for many. Is it good enough? Will checking it hurt it? In such a competitive buyers’ market, even relatively good credit may not be enough. Most of this fear comes down to the fear of the unknown.

Part of the mission of Summit Funding is to be more than a loan officer, our customers genuinely come first. The goal is that you are comfortable in reviewing your credit history with us, responding not with judgment, but with knowledgeable and productive solutions. This begins the personal touch and relationship that all our loan officers embody.

Fear #2: The Process Will Be Too Complicated: What if I Don’t Know Anything About This?

Good news! You are not expected to know anything about the home buying process. We will provide you with the loan process basics and guide you through the process every step of the way. Yes, the home loan process can be complicated, but your Summit Funding loan officer will be there for you to explain each step, provide transparency and counsel when needed. We are dedicated to doing our absolute best to make it all understandable, and we find this makes all the difference.

Fear #3: Buyer Competition: How Do I Know if I Even Can Compete?

Here again, the ‘fear of the unknown’ can be crippling. However, you can’t successfully compete if you don’t know where you stand.  Yes, home prices have been on the rise, but projections for the rest of 2019 look favorable, especially for first-time buyers. To find out where you stand, you will need to meet with a Summit Funding loan officer so they can examine your financial situation.

This slight slow-down in the market provides you the time you need to start the conversation with your Summit Funding loan officer. The earlier you start the sooner your loan officer can get to know you and how best to meet your home buying dreams.

Don’t let the fear of the unknown inhibit your homeownership goals. Our loan officers will educate you and provide you clear instructions on how to begin. They will show you and walk you through how you can compete and win, even in the most intimidating of markets. They will answer your calls, hold your hand, and work until they get to hand you your keys to your new home.

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