Winterproofing Your Home

As a homeowner, winter can be an expensive and bone-chilling experience. Whether your home is newer or older, the snow, ice, and rain that winter brings will take a toll on your home. That is why we prepared a winter-proofing your home checklist. These items will help you keep warm, save money and eliminate any worry about the elements.

Closing the Curtains

As the sun begins to set, make sure to close your curtains to keep the heat inside. This will help curb your energy costs and ensure your family is toasty and warm inside. If you need to buy curtains, make sure you invest in heavier material. Many stores sell energy-efficient curtains that trap heat in the winter and keep the sun out in the summer. 

Seal the Gaps

With the dropping temperatures outside, you need to seal the gaps in your home. Cracks and gaps in your home will leak heat and in turn, drive up your power bill. Make sure to find all the cracks and gaps in your home and create a “fix it” list.


If you notice that your is get colder than most during winter, there is a good chance you need to have your insulation fixed. This fix has the biggest price tag but also will have the biggest effect on your energy bill. If you are looking for a permanent solution to what seems like ever-increasing power costs, have your insulation checked out by a professional.

Take Down the Patio

Patio furniture is the first item to feel the harsh chills of winter. Break down your patio set and cover up your BBQ and pool to avoid damage due to rain, ice, and snow. You’ll thank yourself when summer comes back around.

Get a New Door Mat

Investing in a winter doormat will help keep your floors free from snow and ice. Pick a thicker mat with a rough surface that will help remove the bulk of the “winter gunk” from shoes.

New Throw Blankets

A throw blanket is a perfect way to stay cozy while adding style to your living room. Select a blanket that not only goes with your home décor but is thick enough to keep your loved ones warm.

Watch the thermostat

During winter, it is typical to see the power bill skyrocket. Keeping an eye on the thermostat can help you regulate the temperature and avoid a shock at the end of the month. Investing in a self-regulating thermostat is a great option for people who want to automate their heat cycles and bring down their energy costs.

Shovels, Salt and Scrapers

Get ahead of the game and stock up on all the winter homeowner essentials such as; snow shovels, salt, and ice scrapers. The worst time to buy these items is in the middle of a snowstorm or after slipping on some ice.

With a winter-proofing plan in place, you can enjoy the winter holidays. If you have questions about these tips or any other home-related questions, contact one of our loan officers today. Click here to get started.