Waste Less Time Finding Your Dream Home

Anyone that has bought a home knows that searching for your dream home can feel tiresome and overwhelming. You spend hours scrolling online, visiting open houses and calling your real estate agent. That’s why we created a quick home search guide that will save you time and stress when searching for your family’s dream home.

Use a real estate agent

Finding the right real estate agent makes all the difference when searching for your new home. Using market knowledge, they can sift through a variety of properties (including ones that are not yet on the market) to make sure that you waste no time.

They can also use this market knowledge when it comes time to negotiate your property’s purchase agreement, meaning they will know which sellers are more likely to agree to seller credits and decreases in the sale price.

Find the right location

Finding the right location to buy a house is a key factor when looking for your family’s new home. Even if you plan to stay in the home for a couple of years, it is critical that you consider the following:


If you have children, it is important to research the schools that your new home is zoned. Often times it can be tough getting approved for a variance, so it is much easier to look for homes that are already zoned for your ideal school.

Local stores

It is important to look at the stores that currently or will surround the home. This can be a good indicator of whether this neighborhood is “up and coming” and whether you are making an investment that will pay off in the long run.

Average home price

Another way to determine whether the neighborhood is promising is to look at past home sales and current home values. Although the market fluctuates, looking at the average home price in the neighborhood over the years will indicate whether the area is maintaining value and if it is likely to increase while you live in the home.

Seasonal issues

Make sure to ask your real estate agent about the area through all seasons. Many locations can be prone to flooding, fires, snow or wind. It is important to know what you may need to deal with as the seasons change.

Are you open to a little paint?

On your search, you will come across plenty of homes that may not be perfect, but does it have good bones? Does it have enough bedrooms and bathrooms? If it needs some minor fixes, it may be better to settle on something than to keep searching for the perfect, move-in-ready home.

Find out if the numbers make sense

Make sure that you meet with a loan officer. They will give you a concrete idea of what you can afford. This will be critical when you are looking at homes and making decisions about the size of your new home.

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