The Pros And Cons Of An HOA

When house hunting, you will come across properties located inside of an HOA community. HOA (Homeowner’s Association) communities were created to help develop a clean, friendly, and cooperative neighborhood.

Depending on the HOA’s rules, it can help ease some of the responsibilities that come with owning a home. Yet, this will come at a cost. HOA communities are notorious for their expenses and specific rules.

Below are a few of the positives and negatives to help you determine whether an HOA community would work for you and your family.

HOA Pros 

Less Lawn Upkeep

Generally, HOA’s monthly fees include lawn maintenance. If you would prefer to have this taken care of for you, the monthly fee you pay can be well worth it.

Trash Pickup

HOA communities may also include trash pickup. If you do not plan on throwing away a lot of items, this might be a cheaper option.

Snow Removal

Winters can wreak havoc on homeowners. Scraping, shoveling, and salting driveways all winter long can be tedious. HOAs that include snow removal make it easy for homeowners to make it through tough winters.

Higher Re-Sell Price

If you plan to sell your home in 5-10 years, an HOA can be a good investment. Homes located in an HOA community tend to hold their value much better (mainly due to their rules) and could mean a bigger sales price when it comes time to sell your home.

Neighborhood Conflict Resolution

An HOA is a great tool when you disagree with your neighbors. It can provide a neutral party to decide on any conflict that arises. 

HOA Cons


HOA communities are notorious for charging high monthly fees and costly upgrades. If you already have an expensive mortgage payment, an HOA payment may make managing your monthly housing payment incredibly difficult.

Rules, Rules, Rules

HOA communities are also known for their strict rules. Whether it is the color of your home or your grass at a certain length, these rules take away some of the freedom that owning a home provides.

Poor HOA Leadership

Whether the HOA is professionally managed or is represented by elected residents, the leadership can determine your experience. Find out the reputation of the HOA before deciding on a home. Make sure you ask about how they handle conflict and how the monthly dues are managed.

Before being in an HOA community, it is important to determine what is most important to you as a homeowner. 

If you prefer freedom, lower monthly payments, and aren’t worried about your neighborhoods, you will want to look for a home without an HOA.

If you prefer easy maintenance, worry about neighbor conflict, and aren’t afraid to pay more monthly, you will want to look for a home inside of an HOA community.

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