Summer Activities For Homeowners

Summer is here and that means that your kids are repeating the same phrase you hear every year… “I’m bored!” This year you can cure boredom with our list of fun summer activities for homeowners!

Backyard Camping

Turn your backyard into a fun-filled camping ground. Grab your tent and sleeping bags and spend the night outside with your kids. This can also be a great introduction for smaller kids before you start destination camping.

Plant A Garden

If you have somewhat of a green thumb, then planting a garden is a great activity for both you and the kids. Choosing a variety of fruit and vegetables means fresh food and also teaches your children to take care of something every day.

Backyard Obstacle Course

For adventurous families, a backyard obstacle course is a perfect activity. Using household items such as chairs and tables, you can set up an obstacle course that will have your kids jumping and crawling for hours.

Backyard Mini Golf

Mini golf is a great activity for the entire family. However, you can maximum fun and creativity by creating your own course. Look around your house to find items such as cardboard boxes, chairs, cups, and plastic containers. These items make the perfect obstacles for hours of mini golf fun.

Driveway Chalk Show

Have a budding artist in the family? Give them a box of chalk and put on a sidewalk chalk art gallery. Make sure that you pick chalk that is highly washable to ensure the cleanup is quick and painless.


Hopscotch is a rite of passage for most school children. If you have chalk laying around, set it up outside on your driveway, and introduce small obstacles to make it more fun. You can put on blindfolds, hop on one leg, tie your legs together, or even hopscotch backward.

Water Balloon Fight

Water balloon fights are a fun way to cool everyone down and provide great exercise for the kids. Make sure you are prepared for the cleanup. It can be tedious picking up the small pieces of rubber balloon afterward.


Cornhole is a great, family-friendly backyard game. It can help kids develop hand-eye coordination and their competitive side. Before playing, you can create fun medals using paper clips and yogurt lids for the winners.

Outdoor Movie Theater

There are cheap projectors on Amazon to purchase. With your project, you can turn a white sheet and a wall into a backyard cinema. Your outdoor theater can be hours of fun and get your kids outside. 

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