Summer Home Care Checklist

Owning a home comes with a new set of responsibilities. One of which is to maintain your home throughout the different seasons. With summer here, now is the time to get started on these items before we hit the peak of fiery summer temperatures. Below we have included our summer home care checklist to help you get started.

Get Ahead On Your Grill

It’s time to get your grill ready for a great summer. Pick up a heavy-duty grill brush and sponge to get rid of last year’s leftover mess.

Check Your Deck

After a lengthy winter, your deck might need a touch of TLC. Investigate your deck for any rotting/broken boards, loose nails, or chipped paint.

Once you get those replaced, you will want to check if it needs resealing. A simple way to check is to pour water on the deck and see if the wood absorbs it. If it stays puddled above the wood, then you can skip resealing your deck. Yet, if it absorbs into the wood, it might be time to look at giving it a touch-up.

Stock Up On Door Mats

Protect your beautiful floors from the dirty shoes of summer fun. Replacing your holiday doormat with a heavy-duty one is a great way to stop dirt and mud from entering your home. Look for one with strong bristles that will easily clean dirt and mud from the bottom of shoes.

Get Your Air Conditioner Serviced

Getting your air conditioner serviced can help prevent mid-summer emergencies. Often you won’t start to see issues with your air conditioning until summer reaches its hottest point. During this time, servicers are usually overloaded with business. It is not unusual to see them raise prices and have delays of multiple days. Getting in early can avoid this.

As a homeowner, it is important for you to maintain your home and take pride in the investment you’ve made in yourself. If you are curious about tapping into that investment with a refinance, click here and schedule your free consultation today. Your seasoned loan advisor will help look at your current situation, see whether a refinance is advisable and help you get started.