Babyproofing Your New Home

A growing family is one of the most common reasons families decide to buy their first home. This is an exciting and somewhat stressful time for expectant parents. You will need to take a look at your new home and see what changes needed to be made to make it safer for your expanding family.  

Doors and Cabinets

As your babies start to explore, they will notice doors and cabinets. Doors and hinges provide a pinching hazard for little fingers and toes. Also, cabinets contain a variety of items that may be harmful for your baby. Latches will help solve this problem and keep them from opening and closing any doors or cabinets.  

Secure Heavy Objects

As babies are learning to pull themselves up, they will use furniture to balance. Heavy furniture has the potential to fall on top of your babies. Most heavy furniture items such as cabinets, televisions and dressers can be mounted to the wall behind it. This will prevent them from being able to pull these items down and hurting themselves in the process.  

Plug Outlets & Hide Cords

Electrical sockets are at eye level for babies once they begin to crawl. Pick up outlet plugs to prevent your little ones from sticking their fingers into electrical sockets and injuring themselves. These are cheap and can be picked up from most grocery/hardware stores.

Similarly, you will want to make sure all cords and power strips are out of reach. These can be mounted on the wall or placed behind furniture to keep them out of site and out of mind.

Remove Smaller Items

Babies love to put everything they find in their mouths and smaller items (or items that break into smaller pieces) can provide a choking hazard. Smaller items are also a pain to find around carpet or under tables and it is often overlooked. Keep small items away from any rooms your baby might be in. Examples of small items they may try to eat include:

  • Change
  • Small toys
  • Paper
  • Crayons
  • Pet food
  • Dust bunnies

Corner Protectors

Corners are everywhere in your house. As babies are learning to crawl, stand and walk they will fall and if they hit corners, there is a potential for injury. Pick up plastic corner covers that can help reduce the risk of cuts and scratches when your baby falls down.

Secure Windows

Open windows pose a risk for an unattended baby, especially if they are above ground level. Picking up a window latch from the hardware store can give you piece of mind knowing that they cannot open and fall out of the window.

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