Buying Your Home Virtually With Summit Funding

We are living in one of the most stressful and rapidly changing times in history. While some of us are ready to go back to normal, many of us are worried about exposing ourselves to Coronavirus and prefer to stay at home. We have ensured we are ready to help you through the loan process with the same attention and detail we normally do whether we are at home or the office. Here’s how: 


Summit allows you to do your application fully online. While we do not mind getting on a video call and doing the application with you, you can do it right from the comfort of your home. All of our loan officer’s websites are built with applications that make the process a breeze. You can do them from your computer or phone and be transported securely into our system so that we can start working on your loan. 


Gone are the days of scouring your filing cabinet for documents and faxing them to us only to realize the line is busy. Now, you can upload your loan documents directly via our mobile app. You can download the documents online or take a picture with your phone’s camera and it will upload them to our secure servers. Submitting documentation has now become painless thanks to Summit’s Home Now. 

See Your Loan Progress

Using the mobile app, you can always see your loan progress. While we love to give you a call, sometimes you need access to that information after hours and Summit’s Home Now gives you that ability. You also will get notified during the home loan process as your loan moves from an application, all the way through to approval. 

Weekly Calls

If you prefer an old-fashioned phone call, then you are in luck. Our loan officers provide weekly updates to both you and your real estate agent to make sure you always know exactly what’s going on. This also ensures your loan closes smoothly and on time and gives you a chance to ask any of the questions you’ve been meaning to ask but haven’t had a chance. 

Video Calls

Here at Summit, we are ready to take your consultation completely virtually. We can do video calls to ensure that you get the same care and attention you would if you were right in front of us. It also gives us a chance to put a face to the name and meet you and your family. 

At Summit, we believe that a happy and healthy borrower will have the best possible home loan experience, and therefore our entire process is focused around excellent customer service. If you would like to learn more about the home loan process, click here and schedule your free hour-long consultation, where we can go over your current financial situation, your goals, and get you on a path to homeownership today.