Summit Funding – Committed To Communication

When looking for a loan officer, it can be tough to know who to pick. While it is important to find someone that is cost-effective, it is even more important to find someone who isn’t afraid to guide you through the process. While we cannot speak for the entire industry, we have hand-selected our loan officers here at Summit and can promise you that our loan officers put the customer experience first. We do this through a commitment to communication. 

Before & During Your Application:

Depending on your loan officer and how you heard about us, your before-application experience will be different. However, the one consistent thing is our ability to keep you in the loop. 

Most new homeowners hear about us through a referral from their real estate agent who will forward your information to us directly. From there, we will contact you and begin to gather everything needed for our appointment. We will:

  • Find the perfect slot for an appointment
  • Schedule an in-person (when safe and legal)/video appointment for effective communication
  • Send reminder emails & phone calls
  • Give you a document checklist to gather everything for a quick and efficient appointment

While You Are Looking For A Home:

Once you have pre-approved you will begin to look at homes with your agent. While we will not be doing much during this process, we will still:

  • Call you frequently to stay updated on the home search
  • Work with your agent to issue tailored pre-approval letters
  • Call the listing agent when needed to get your offer accepted
  • Schedule a follow-up appointment if your pre-approval needs updating

Once You Hit “In-Contract”:

Once you have an accepted purchase contract, you will be hearing from us much more often. We will start to get your file built and finalize everything for underwriting. We will be calling you multiple times during the week as it is our goal to get you to closing as timely and smoothly as possible. 

Key Milestones:

When you reach key milestones in the loan process, you will receive emails from us letting you know that you have reached the next phase. Expect emails when you hit the following phases:

  • Submitted to processing
  • Appraisal ordered
  • Submitting to underwriting
  • Conditional approval 
  • Final approval 
  • Loan funded

Knowing you hit these stages of the loan process keeps you updated on how your loan progressing and can make sure you stay in the loop. 

Weekly Check-ins:

Once you have an accepted purchase contract and begin the loan process, we will be updating you weekly on our status update calls. These calls are quick and made to you, the co-borrower, and the agents on the transaction to keep everyone in the loop. Expect us to call if you even if there is no update. This consistent call ensures you stay “in the know” no matter what. 

When Things Don’t Go Well:

Most loan officers in our industry make these calls with no problem… until things aren’t going well. We have spoken with many borrowers and real estate agents and their number one issue with loan officers are when they disappear when the transaction gets rough. 

 We aren’t afraid to call you because while things may be rocky, we have a solution and it is our job to guide you through this process. 

After Your Loan Closes:

Even though your loan has been funded, and the transaction is over, expect us to call you frequently. We will be reaching out to you periodically to:

  • See if you have questions or concerns
  • Schedule your mortgage health evaluation
  • Help your friends and family with their mortgage needs
  • Invite you to past client events

Ready to work with a loan officer that puts client service first? Click here and schedule an appointment with one of our seasoned mortgage loan officers today.