Turning Your Home Office Into The Perfect Work Space

After March, most of the country switched to some form of remote work. While some of us have gone back to working in person, many office workers have continued to work from home. While this can be convenient, working remotely can be incredibly stressful. From blurred work hours to copious amounts of distractions, it is important to create an office space in which you can work well. 


If you have ever worked in an office, you know that it can be (depending on who you are) a polar vortex or a sauna. Working from home allows you to avoid the thermostat war and make your office space “yours”. 

However, if you do decide to work from home, make sure that above all you are comfortable in your home office. If you find yourself constantly adjusting, turning up the thermostat, or switching places expect your productivity to suffer. This can be as simple as ensuring you: 

  • Have a comfortable chair that supports your lower back
  • Set the temperature to a comfortable level
  • Wear clothes that aren’t restricting

Distraction Free:

Office workers that made the switch to at-home work know how frustrating distractions can be. Whether you’re interrupted by your children asking for snacks for the third time or extra loud neighbors… distractions are distractions. Avoid these distractions by:

  • Creating “Do Not Disturb” hours in which everyone knows your door should not be opened
  • Work in a space separate from everyone else in your household
  • Turn off notifications on your phone
  • Cleaning your workspace
  • Have a set start/stop schedule
  • Take lunch away from your desk
  • Take a walk around the block periodically to recharge you

Standing Desk:

Office work is often associated with weight gain and back pain. This can be combatted by using a standing desk. A standing desk is an adjustable desk that allows you to go from sitting to standing periodically throughout the day. Standing desks can have the following benefits:

  • Lower risk for weight gain
  • Reduced back pain
  • Improved mood and energy levels
  • Boosted productivity

Get Level:

The way that your workspace is set up can impact both your productivity and overall back/neck pain. While it’s enticing to work from your comfy couch, it could be bad for you long term. From the keyboard you use to the angle your monitor sits can impact you more than you could imagine. If you want a pain and distraction-free setup, set the following:

  • Monitors at your eye level
  • Keyboard a comfortable distance from your body
  • Main monitor straight on (avoid turning your neck)
  • Computer on a spacious and study desk

Dress For Success:

Working in your pajamas can be tempting, however, it’s best to avoid it. When you don’t get ready for the day, it can be easy to slip into a slump. Dressing in your favorite office outfit (even if you aren’t leaving the house) can help you become more motivated and productive. 


Lighting is key to ensuring you stay productive, healthy, and most importantly happy! Make sure that your workspace is set up to:

  • Get large amounts of sunlight
  • Use well-lit monitors
  • Reduce the amount of blue light you consume throughout the day 
  • Mimic the regular daylight schedule of the day

Having an at-home office space that helps you work is key to surviving the new normal. 

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