8 Activities For Spring Showers

Spring is around the corner, and while that means warmer weather, it also means showers! Here are the top eight indoor/rain activities for you and the family.


Baking is an activity that produces fun but, most importantly, delicious results. Find a recipe that is easy for your children to help with and won’t take hours to make. You can find hundreds of recipes on Pinterest, and you should have all the ingredients at home to get started.

Create Your Own Slime

Creating your own slime is a surefire to spend your rainy afternoon having (sightly messy) fun. You can bring out your kids’ competitive side by buying a variety of colors to see who can create the most impressive color combination.

Indoor Treasure Hunt

Plan an indoor treasure hunt with fun prizes for your little ones. You can buy fun items from the store and stash them throughout the house. Whoever can find these items is declared the winner! You can add a layer of difficulty to it and set a rule that the room they find it in must be clean before they start looking for the next item. You get a clean home, and they get the satisfaction of playing an exciting game.

Have Your Kids Put On A Play

Bring out the hidden thespian in your children during rain showers. Ask them to put on a play for you and the rest of your family. Make sure to give them options of props and characters. This helps them build their creativity while keeping them occupied.

Break Out The Boardgames

Board games are a great way to keep your kids entertained for hours while it pours outside. All board games include an age range to help you determine which game is best. Make sure you participate, as that is the best way to encourage your kids to put down the video games and join.  

Hide & Seek In The Dark

Turn off all the lights and play hide & seek! This is a classic game made much more fun. Once it is nighttime, everyone hides with the lights off. The seeker has a flashlight and must find everyone in the pitch black. If you want to make it even more fun, you can use your speaker to play spooky soundtracks to add to the eerie sound of the downpouring rain.

At-Home Spa Day

Bust out the face masks and bathrobes, and it’s time for an at-home spa day! If you are looking for a quiet and relaxing way to enjoy a rainy day, turn your home into a spa zone. Make sure to turn off all electronics except for relaxing music while you and the kids pamper yourself with the following:

  • Face masks
  • Virgin cocktails
  • Scented oil diffusers

Art Gallery

Do you have aspiring artists in your family? Turn your home into a walking art gallery. Everyone can contribute by creating:

  • Painting
  • Drawings
  • Papier-mâché art
  • Collages

Invite the family over, and everyone can enjoy the pieces together.

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