How To Give Your Home Personality Without Going Overboard

Homeownership gives you the freedom to create a style that is truly your own. As a homeowner, you have complete control over the personality of your home, from painting to renovations. However, as a new homeowner, you may be thinking… what is my home’s character?

While we can’t decide that we can help you experiment by checking out the following six tips to help give your home personality without going ultimately overboard.

Find Out HOA Restrictions

While an HOA (Homeowner’s Association) is designed to help you as a homeowner, it can prevent you from making any drastic changes to your home (especially the exterior). This can include:

  • Painting exteriors
  • Landscaping
  • Adding political memorabilia
  • Adding fences

Make sure to check with your HOA before making any drastic changes to your home to avoid getting a fine.

A Dash Of Color

A fresh set of paint can completely transform the entire style of a home. Make sure you pick the colors and the type of paint carefully because it can change:

  • How big your home appears
  • How much natural light you get in your home
  • How stains and fingerprints appear on your walls
  • The texture of the paint

Photos and Artwork

Photos and artwork help bring your home to life. Hiring a professional photographer is a great way to get some sentimental personality to your home and remind yourself why most people buy houses in the first place … family.

Add Some Plant Life

If your home is feeling stuffy and stale, consider adding plants. Strategically placing plants throughout your home can help give your home style and even reduce the harmful chemicals in the air. Make sure that you pick plants that will thrive in your home’s current sunlight condition. This will ensure that you aren’t adding plants that will die shortly after their arrival.

Textures & Patterns

While tricky to use, textures & patterns can help create a cozy space that everyone can enjoy. When using patterns, try to pick something timeless. It can be tempting to follow new trends or to go overboard, but if you outgrow that style or need to sell the home, you may need to spend thousands renovating your home. Skip that hassle and pick patterns and textures that are simple, timeless, and are functional to the space.  

Visit The Local Thrift Store

If you are looking to step up your home decoration, head to your local thrift/consignment store. While you may need to search around for the perfect piece of furniture, we promise it will be well worth it. Finding something that nobody else has in their living room guarantees your home a unique sense of style that can’t be bought at any department store.

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