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How to Get Top Dollar When Selling Your Home

Happy homeowner celebrating getting top dollar on home she is selling

How to Get Top Dollar When Selling Your Home

A staggering 6 million houses get sold in the US every year.

Yet you could bet the mortgage that only a relatively small number of them sell for what they could have! Indeed, through a mixture of mistakes and inexperience, we see sellers leave money on the table all the time.

Do you want to avoid the same fate? Check out these quick-fire tips to help you get top dollar when selling your home.

Do Your Research

Ignorance might be bliss. But it’s also a recipe for disaster when it comes to selling a house! A complex process at the best of times, it’s even more intricate when you’re trying to maximize the sale price.

That’s why researching every step from the outset is so imperative. Watch YouTube tutorials, read more articles like this, and speak to experts to upskill yourself.

Hire a Competent Realtor

Realtors provide an in-depth understanding of the housing market, experience in the field, and marketing acumen to boot, all of which will be hugely beneficial.

Stick to those with years of experience, a first-class online reputation, and specific expertise in your local area. That way, they’ll know exactly what your property’s worth and stop you from accepting offers for anything less.

Hire a listing agent renowned for aggressive marketing too. They’ll put your home on the market ASAP and pull out all the stops to promote it effectively. Lastly, consider offering a bonus to selling agents as an incentive for showing your home to buyers.

Price Your Home Aggressively

Under-pricing your property is a one-way ticket to losing money. But if you over-price it, you risk pricing yourself out of the market entirely.

This is why researching the current market for homes like yours is crucial. In the absence of a realtor, it’s the only way to price your home so that it attracts interest from buyers without leaving cash on the table.

Make Necessary Repairs

Purchasing a property is a major investment. So, unless they’re looking for a project, buyers always want houses that are devoid of issues. Any aesthetic and structural problems, however mild, are a major turnoff.

Do yourself a favor and make any necessary repairs. From making sure the lights work to fixing leaky faucets, this step is crucial to success.

Do Light Upgrades

For similar reasons, consider upgrading certain aspects of the property as well. You could repaint the walls, for example, lay new carpets, or install a new heating system. These sorts of functional and aesthetic alterations are naturally appealing to would-be buyers.

Be warned, though: don’t over upgrade! There’s no point investing more money than you’ll get back from the sale.

Stage the Home & Leverage Curb Appeal

Don’t be fooled, looks and first impressions both matter. People are more judgmental than they’d like to think! Expect potential buyers to make snap judgments based on minor things, such as the state of your post box and the color of your front door.

That’s why staging your home’s so pivotal. Increase the curb appeal by mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges, and painting the front gate. Inside, deep clean and declutter, remove personal items and let as much light in as possible.

Always Be Ready to Show

Imagine an affluent couple knocking on the door one evening. They saw the “For Sale” sign and thought they’d say hello.

You better hope the property’s in a suitable state to show them around! If it’s not, the opportunity could slip through your fingers.

Negotiate the Best Offer

Negotiating on price is a logical step to securing top dollar. So, if you don’t have a realtor to negotiate on your behalf, try learning some basic strategies for ascertaining the highest possible price from buyers.

That said, the best offer isn’t always the highest. After all, the sale could fall through if their circumstances changed, or take forever to close if they’re caught up in a chain. By contrast, a chain-free cash buyer may offer less money but be able to close the next day.

Sell Your House for Top Dollar

Every seller wants to sell their home for the most money possible. Unfortunately, only a fraction of them manages to do so! Keep the strategies above in mind and you should succeed where others fail.

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