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My name is Ryan Williams, and I am a Mortgage Lender with Summit Funding here in the Portland, Oregon.  I have lived in Oregon nearly my entire life, am proud of our State and absolutely love all that it has to offer!  I became a Mortgage Lender in 2003, the same year I met my wife, so that was a Big year for me.

  We were married in 2005, and have two beautiful daughters, a teenager, and a toddler, so while they are 10 ½ years apart in age, they get along very well, and help keep our daily lives full of fun, laughter and love! In our free-time, we love to camp, swim, play basketball, play a little golf, fish a little bit, go to the mountains or the coast, and our newest family activity is whitewater rafting, it is so much fun!  We live in Sherwood, we’ve been there for about 15 years, and are very happy to call Sherwood home. We love the sense of community in our small city, and the population as a whole has a lot of pride in our community, in looking out for one-another, really having each other’s backs, and that sense of community fuels my desire to do the best job I can for my clients, so that they can get into the community they want to be a  part of!  

On each and every transaction we work on, my Team and I work extremely hard to ensure that our clients have a great experience when buying their home, or refinancing their current loan.  In my 17+ years of experience, I have become an expert in the different loan programs, and options available, so upon meeting a new client, and going over their goals and needs and what is most important to them, I can tailor the loan to the best fit for that client, helping set them up for long-term financial success and freedom.  Whether you are looking to buy your first home, upgrade to new a home to suit your needs, or investing in real estate with rental properties, I promise you that you will get our best every day, we will communicate with you constantly during your transaction, and at when we close the deal, you’ll be satisfied, and glad that you chose to work with myself and the team here at Summit Funding!


Not Your Average Mortgage Lender

We're on a mission to provide an elevated experience for those looking to achieve their homeownership goals, from purchasing, refinancing, and everything in between. It is this mission that allows us to be a leader and stand out in a crowded marketplace. Armed with our yes you can mindset, Summit Funding empowers our partners, clients, and employees to achieve new heights both in our industry and beyond.

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