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6 Cheap Summer Activities

  Summer is upon us and that means if you have kids, you’ve probably heard the phrase “I’m bored” at least hundreds of times. This can be difficult because summer activities can get pricey. If so, here are six different ideas to help entertain your kids on a budget: Camp Outside: Setting up camp in your […]

Summit’s 4th Of July Survival Kit

Whether you’re barbecuing in your backyard, on the beach or watching fireworks, the fourth of July is one of the most enjoyable days of summer. At this point, your “To Do List” is probably almost a mile long, filling up with important items such as; food, drinks, and invitations. While you need to concentrate on […]

The Credit Monster

As we enter the world of adults, 9-5s and major responsibilities, the one thing many of us feel unprepared for is that one pesky number. The supposed number that will determine our fates and futures. I’m talking about CREDIT. Many don’t even understand how we have the credit that we have, or if we don’t […]