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Celebrating Trey Rigdon: HousingWire's 2024 Marketing Leader

Celebrating Trey Rigdon: HousingWire's 2024 Marketing Leader

Summit Funding's Vice President of Marketing and Branding, Trey Rigdon, has been honored as the 2024 Marketing Leader by HousingWire. This award recognizes Trey's visionary leadership and outstanding contributions to our industry.


A Novel Marketing Perspective


Trey’s exemplary marketing creativity has always been a shining light. His strategies go beyond traditional methods, focusing on building genuine connections with clients and establishing a brand rooted in trust and excellence. Under Trey’s leadership, Summit Funding’s marketing team has transformed to a level never seen before in its over 25-year history. His impact is characterized by a deep commitment to enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the company’s corporate and loan officers’ marketing efforts.


In the past year, Trey has restructured Summit’s marketing team, prioritizing strategic direction and redefining engagement with loan officers. By shifting focus from merely delivering social media assets to prioritizing strategies for using these assets to drive action, his 'Strategies over Assets' concept has greatly increased the practical value provided to our Summit Funding LOs.


Leading with Excellence


HousingWire’s Marketing Leader Award recognizes those who bring exceptional skill and innovation to their work. Trey’s dedication has made a substantial impact on Summit Funding’s marketing efforts. His data-driven style and customer-centric strategies have changed the industry for the better, driving impressive results.


Trey maximizes the use of tools and content, profoundly engaging LOs and increasing their adoption and effective use of marketing resources. This has enhanced the efficiency of our marketing efforts and also ensured they are more impactful and aligned with our strategic goals.


Inspiring the Next Generation


Trey’s successful career highlights the importance of passion, innovation, and continuous learning. As a mentor, Trey readily shares his expertise and guides aspiring marketing professionals, fostering a culture of growth and development.


Rigdon’s entry into Summit Funding marked a new time of leadership and team dynamics. With an exceptional ability to forge strong relationships and establish a clear and compelling vision, Trey has become a cornerstone of our leadership structure. His approach combines high emotional intelligence with rigorous accountability measures, fostering an environment where innovative solutions thrive and where the team’s morale and productivity have soared.


Continuing the Journey of Innovative Marketing


As we celebrate Trey’s recognition, we’re excited about what the future holds. His leadership will continue to shape Summit Funding’s marketing strategies, opening up new opportunities and setting even higher standards for what loan officers can do. We’re proud to have Trey Rigdon on our team and can’t wait to see the innovative ideas he’ll bring next.


Join us in congratulating Trey Rigdon on being named the 2024 Marketing Leader by HousingWire. His achievements inspire us all to strive for excellence and make a meaningful impact in our work.


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