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Borrower Checklist.

Your home loan is going to require a little homework.

Here’s our checklist of documentation we may need from you for your home purchase or refinance.

This list may seem extensive but we’re turning your dreams into a reality!

  • Valid photo identification
  • Bank/asset statements for the last two months on all checking, savings, stock, mutual funds, IRA, or other liquid assets you would like on your loan application
  • Pay stubs for the last 30 days
  • W-2 forms for the past two years
  • Federal tax returns for the past two years, including all schedules
  • If self-employed or you own more than 25% of a business, copies of business tax returns for the past two years, including all schedules. Provide all K-1's to prove ownership interest in any entity.
  • For other real estate owned, we need loan information, monthly payment, and any rent collected
  • Home owners insurance contact info
  • Landlord/mortgage company information for past two years
  • Certificate of Eligibility and DD-214 or Statement of Service, if applying for a VA loan
  • Bankruptcy or property short-sale/foreclosure information
  • A copy of the settlement statement if you sold property in the last three months
  • Child support payment info, copy of divorce decree and/or separation agreement, if applicable
  • A copy of the signed real estate contract, if you've already made an offer on a home
  • Resident alien card, front and back, if applicable

For Refinancing your home, some additional information may be needed:

  • Current mortgage statement for property you want to refinance
  • Current second mortgage or equity line statement for property you want to refinance
  • Estimated value of your home
  • Recent annual Homeowners insurance policy statement for the property you want to refinance

Pursuant to Federal law, a lender shall not require a borrower to provide such documentation prior to issuing a Loan Estimate. However, you may voluntarily provide documentation to us for consideration. Your loan officer can provide you with a list of documents that are helpful to a lender when pre-qualifying a borrower.

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