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Protecting Yourself Online

We use locks to keep our homes safe but what are you doing to protect your online data? The majority of our activity is completely online. This means that thieves have figured out the best way to scam you is online. Although it is impossible to completely avoid online theft here are some ways to […]

3 Tips to Survive the Equifax Data Breach

If you haven’t already heard about the Equifax data breach outburst, you need to listen up. Over 140 million customers have put a credit freeze or fraud alert on their information due to the scam, however, that is still not enough. These hackers have found ways to maneuver through the hack’s publicity and still have […]

Changes to the Summit Jumbo Program

Some exciting changes have happened with the Summit Jumbo Program for home buyers! (effective with loans locked on or after 09/15/17) The Summit Jumbo Program is now available as an 80% LTV and 95% LTV Important Highlights: Up to $1M loan amount Maximum 38% DTI on LTVs over 90% Loan amounts increased on 95% LTVs […]